Use iLent to see and hear God at work

We are in the 40 days before Easter known as Lent. Pope Francis said, “Lent summons us,
and enables us, to come back to the Lord wholeheartedly and in every aspect of our life.”

New Life is encouraged to participate in an online devotional, iLent to bring God’s word into your life daily during Lent. Pastors from Church Without Shoes and beyond share what they hear God saying in preselected verses. They ask—and ask us to ask as well— “Where is God at work in the world around me?”

This year pastors are reading with a focus on persons of peace. A person of peace is one who welcomes your presence and likely listens when you talk. He or she most likely has your back and is willing to “serve” or help you. A person of peace is also probably open to what you have to say about Jesus, open to the life you live because of Jesus. You are often at work in their lives and they are at work in yoursand this is often God at work in the world around you.

The truth is God is at work in our lives and the lives of those around us every single day, if we are looking. We invite you to lookto searchwith us, and iLent can be a guide.

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