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We support New Day for Children

New Day for Children seeks to recover children from child sex trafficking and restore their stolen childhoods. Did you know:
  • An estimated 300,000 children are held for sex trafficking in

What to say when you pray

Many people say they don’t pray because they don’t know how; they don’t know what to say. I, too, confess to being more reluctant when praying aloud and in public.…

God hears and answers prayers

God tells us to pray, so why wouldn’t we? Why don’t we? Does it feel weird? Do we think it doesn’t work? That He doesn’t hear us? But He asks…

On Campus

Sundays @ 9:30: Servants’ prep: Lanai
Sundays @ 10: New Life service, Sanctuary
Sundays @ 10: Brazilian Church Fellowship, office conference room
Sundays @ 1:30: La Jornada, Spanish fellowship, Fellowship…

Buy less to give more—Advent Conspiracy

New Life is involved in multiple projects because we want to be generous and want to bless others as God has blessed us. However, everyone can’t do everything. Our involvement…