DIY classroom remodel starts with Valentine’s Day sale

Success! The youths would like to thank their New Life family for the support given to remodel their classroom. They want something that feels cool to them. So thanks to your Valentine’s Day love, they will purchase bean bag chairs, chalkboard paint and magnetic paint. A few books may appear on their shelves. (Encourage them to read, please!) They already have a snack station and make themselves tea, hot chocolate or lemonade at each meeting.NL_Drink Station And, of course, we have supplies for crafting! (Weren’t the cards nice?) We want this good place to keep getting better!

We’re all unconsciously left with impressions based on things like wall color, arrangement of seating, décor and more. The kids might not realize that having an environment they are comfortable in, one that they like, helps their attitudes. (We do, so the youth leaders thank you as well!) A pleasant atmosphere also enhances learning. A space that they’ve had some say in makes them feel accepted and respected. A place the youths like and feel connected to will make them want to be there. That’s what we want, too—teens and pre-teens in attendance because it’s an enjoyable place to be.

We want them to have the opportunity to be with other Christ-followers, learning how to live in the bigger, scarier world, yet knowing they aren’t alone. We hope they develop special relationships with each other that they can always come back to, count on and lean on. And, of course, this is the place where they will nurture their relationship with God. They will learn who He is — His character and personality. And they will learn who they are to Him. We hope they will discover and welcome who God is in their lives today, beyond the Bible stories of the past.

We’re happy they care too. The kids took a lot of care in making the cards so that people would want to buy them. We’re proud they are taking ownership of their classroom environment and their program. They have many plans and ideas; they want to be doing something all the time! They have ideas for other activities, some fundraisers, some field trips, some just hanging out. We appreciate your support. And we sincerely invite you to jump in and join them as they grow in their love and knowledge of God.