Advent Conspiracy: Leave holiday stress in the stores

With Thanksgiving behind us there is little doubt we are now in Christmas season! Are you shopping? Buying presents? Making lists? Gaining weight? Maneuvering in increased traffic? Untangling lights and climbing ladders? Have the holiday parties begun? (Why are there always December parties? Are the other 11 months just not good enough for get-togethers?) Especially for the company parties. (How funny is it that companies that forbid religious mentions in the workplace sponsor “holiday” parties?) Can’t get out of  the work shindig it? Or the family event hosted by a third cousin twice removed?  So … what are you going to wear? More shopping needed perhaps?

We get drawn into the drama of lights and gifts and Santa like so many around the world. And  we end up with stress and debt and maybe even a little family drama. We get wrapped up in the jingle bells and forget the manger.

Advent Conspiracy asks us to remember what we are really celebrating. Remember this is a time to anticipate the birth of the baby who would grow into the man who changed the world. It’s a time to celebrate God’s gift to humanity, His gift of love and salvation in the packaging of that baby in the manger. Advent Conspiracy is an international movement asking Christ-followers to avoid the consumerism surrounding the holiday in order to celebrate Christmas more authentically. The  tenets are: worship fully, spend less, give more, love all.

New Life members have joined this conspiracy for several years, and this year we’re in it again. The goals are to substitute consumption with compassion and to give presence instead of presents. Love like Jesus; He loved in ways that had never been seen before.

With the money we save and the compassion we’re sharing, we give to a cause annually. We have supported clean water efforts, food banks and tsunami recovery. This year we would like to support New Day for Children, which provides restorative care and education to American girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. Join us in this. And share with us other ways you joined the conspiracy.