New Life


We know that your first time at a new church brings up some questions. Will I like the message? Is the music going to be good? Are the people going to be friendly?
So to help, we want to share what we here at New Life are all about.

Our purpose is to know and communicate the joy of allowing God to have first place in our daily lives. Our hope is that you will feel warmly welcomed, and that you will sense God’s presence.

Here at New Life, we prefer to be a little raw and transparent. We take pride in being able to relate with each other through authenticity and vulnerability, acknowledging our imperfections and through genuine fellowship and relationship learning to live more and more like Jesus.

We consider how to make our message useful, accessible, and relatable. In our teachings and worship we continually measure how our message is intersecting with people’s lives. This is a step to building healthy, healing relationships with God, ourselves, and others.

By illustrating how relevant and real Christianity can be, we hope to encourage growth in the believer. We also, however, hope to penetrate the hearts and minds of those not interested in “traditional” Christianity and those who have sidelined their relationship with God.

We invite you to enjoy the heart-felt music, encouraging message, friendly people, and enjoyable atmosphere that are part of New Life.